Dedicated wine lovers are generally willing to travel just about anywhere to enjoy the alluring appeal of a special wine, produced in a special geographic location of the world. There has been much attention given to the famous vineyards of Italy and France, and domestically to the well-known wines produced in the Sonoma and Napa Valley regions of California.

While those areas should definitely be given their due, why not try a few wines which are capable of rivaling those esteemed creations, but are available at much lower cost? Most things that sound too good to be true, are exactly that. However, in the case of the Baja California wine experience at Valle de Guadalupe, there just might be an exception to the old, cautious saying.

Where is this Wine Lovers’ Paradise?

Residents of the San Diego area will be delighted to learn that Rosarito, Mexico is a short drive south on the coastal highway, and the entire drive provides some breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Ocean and shoreline. There are few drives more pleasant than one which travels the coast, as fresh breezes carry the allure of the sea inland, and magnificent scenery graces the length of the drive. There are a number of attractions which you should take some time exploring in coastal Rosarito, before you continue on eastward and southward toward the Valle de Guadalupe.

Rosarito Beach is a marvel with its long stretch of gorgeous white sands, and there are numerous opportunities for scuba diving and enjoying water recreation activities in the region as well. You’ll certainly notice the magnificent development of luxury condos and villas known as La Jolla Excellence, which has sprung up to provide a lifestyle of comfort and sheer enjoyment for discerning purchasers. While you’re enjoying your tour of the wine country, make a mental note about how great it would be to own one of the superb residences at La Jolla Excellence in nearby Rosarito.

Valle de Guadalupe

What makes Valle de Guadalupe so special? It is of course, the major wine-producing region throughout all of Mexico, and it is home to not only some of the greatest tasting wines on the continent, but there are also a good number of world-class chefs who have come to the area to add their own touch of world-class expertise to the dining and drinking experience.

If you’re an outdoors kind of person, you’ll be dazzled by the many opportunities for hiking, camping, horseback riding, and just plain enjoying the magnificent scenery of this part of the world. There are literally dozens of wine tours which you can avail yourself of, and no matter which one you pick, you are sure to be so impressed, that Valle de Guadalupe will become your new favorite wine lovers’ trip!

Speaking of tours, doing a quick Yelp or TripAdvisor search will provide you with many options, so you can enjoy the wine and learn about the region from knowledgeable experts. Plus, you won’t have to worry about driving. Here are just a few of the top-rated tours you should consider:

Baja Winery Tours: This group of childhood friends will bring you the absolute best in the region’s wine, food, beer, tourism, leisure, activities, sights, smells, and sensations!

Baja Wine & Dine: This tour company offers three different packages, and would be perfect for the foodies in your group!

Vino Tinto Tours: This tour company allows you to control the level of discovery that appeals to your tastes (red or white).

There are dozens of tour companies to choose from, so be sure to do a bit of research to choose the one that’s right for you.

Rosarito – the Wine Lovers’ Paradise

The beautiful oceanside town of Rosarito is ideally positioned as the gateway to the Valle de Guadalupe, where some of the finest wines in the world are produced. There are numerous vineyards situated in the Valle de Guadalupe, and these compare very favorably to the renowned operations up north in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys of California. The 100th luxury unit at the La Jolla Excellence development has recently been sold, but there are still choice units available for buyers with discriminating tastes to purchase a prime condo or villa in this wine lovers’ haven! Contact us to schedule your tour today.

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