Anyone who has spent a few winters in the northern states of the U.S. will appreciate why spending your holidays in Mexico would be a great idea. Taking a break from the cold and the snow can be an invigorating experience, and can lift your spirits immensely, especially when your destination in Mexico is the charming little town of Rosarito, less than an hour’s drive south from San Diego.

Even if you’re a person who loves the snow, or at least doesn’t mind it, there’s no comparing shoveling winter snow and driving in it, to being on a warm, sun-drenched beach in Rosarito, Mexico. Once you’ve staked out your lawn chair on the white sands, and nestle in to watch the tides lazily rolling in, you might wonder how you could ever shovel snow again.

What else does Rosarito have to offer?

Apart from the fact that it offers a fantastic alternative to the cold and sometimes bone-chilling temperatures of the northern climes, Rosarito has an awful lot to offer on a daily basis. For one thing, the food is delicious in this area, combining traditional Mexican cultural favorites with American-style cooking, to come up with the best in fine dining as well as comfortable and simple meals.

How about winding down during the holiday season with a trip to wine country? Rosarito is positioned right at the gateway to the famous Valle de Guadalupe, which is the Mexican version of the Sonoma and Napa Valley regions of the United States. Offering wines that rival their U.S. counterparts, the vintners in Valle de Guadalupe have created some of the world’s greatest wines, and they’re available at considerable discounts compared to their northern rivals.

Maybe the very best way to ring in the New Year, would be to experience one of the luxury condos or villas at La Jolla Excellence in Rosarito. These fantastic places will provide ready beach access for you and your family, some awesome views of the ocean, and all the amenities you could hope for in a luxury villa. What better way could there be to enjoy the holiday season, and to usher in the new year, than to be enjoying the time at one of these villas?

Nearby festivities

During the Christmas season, a number of thrilling festivities are always planned in Baja California, and during your visit, you’ll want to catch one or two of these events. Every December, a Festival of Lights is planned in Tecate, the home of the well-known beer maker, and the whole town turns out to see the two-hour parade and all-night celebration.

The Mexicali Christmas tree lighting is a huge celebration surrounding the lighting of an enormous tree in City Hall, alongside a monument to the five counties of Baja California. A beautiful Nativity Scene is also put out at this time, and a number of street vendors ply their wares of sugar-coated churros and hot chocolate.

The port city of Ensenada has its own Harbor Lights festival during the Christmas season, with many of the boats out in the harbor lit up, and a traditional fireworks display is staged. Boating tours can be arranged at this time, and a number of family activities are scheduled on both land and sea for participants.

Thinking of moving to Mexico?

If you are, there’s really only one place that should be at the top of your list, and that’s the La Jolla Excellence development of condos and villas. These are incredible luxury homes that will allow you to appreciate everything that’s wonderful about living on the oceanside, in a great community, and in a town that’s a virtual paradise to live in. Schedule your tour today, and find out why everyone is raving about La Jolla Excellence condos and villas.

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