If you love beautiful scenery, awesome recreation opportunities, great shopping and dining, and a totally benign climate to boot, you simply must visit the Baja Peninsula. As Mexico’s most northern and western state, Baja is home to more than 3,000,000 individuals, many of whom migrated south from the U.S. to take advantage of all it has to offer.

Baja California geography and scenery

Baja California is bordered by two U.S. states, Arizona in the east and California in the north, so it’s very easy to travel back and forth, for those who wish to spend time in both locales. Not surprisingly, a number of Baja residents are immigrants from San Diego, as well as from other parts of Mexico and from Asia, although people of Spanish ancestry dominate the region.

Within the fairly narrow strip of land that constitutes Baja California, there can be found a very wide variety of geographic features, including mountains, valleys, pine forests, volcanoes, and deserts. Running down the spine of the peninsula are the Sierra de Baja California mountains, which effectively divides the peninsula into diverse weather districts. On the western side of the mountains, the climate is fairly dry and Mediterranean, while the middle portion tends to be more humid, and the eastern side is dominated by desert land.

Since the western side of the peninsula is directly adjacent to the mighty Pacific Ocean, there are unlimited opportunities for fishermen, surfers, boaters, and admirers of gorgeous ocean views and sunsets.

Cities of Baja California

The most populous cities in Baja are its capital city, Mexicali, then Tijuana and Ensenada, with these three being the only cities having as many as 500,000 residents. Tecate, Rosarito, and San Felipe are three other fair-sized cities, with none of the three exceeding 70,000 citizens. In addition to serving as capital of Baja California, Mexicali is well-known for its clubs, shopping district, and street-side taco stands that offer the authentic Mexican casual eating experience.

Valle de Guadalupe is the wine region of Baja, and some of the fine wines produced here rival the exquisite creations of the Napa Valley to the north, although the cost is only a fraction of what you might pay for Napa productions. Ensenada is renowned as a great destination for lovers of all kinds of water sports like snorkeling, diving, fishing, boating, and surfing. People who enjoy interacting with the spectacular expanse of the Pacific Ocean find everything they could ever want here.

The bustling city of Rosarito, population 65,000, is home to the famous Enchanted Beach, exciting nightlife, fantastic surfing, and the luxury development of villas and condos at La Jolla Excellence. Rosarito is also situated at the gateway to the wine district, with Valle de Guadalupe just to the southeast of the city.

Another gem of the Baja Peninsula

In addition to all the delights referenced above, there are even more wonders to behold in the Baja Peninsula, especially for those visitors who enjoy the area so much that you’re considering it for a primary or secondary residence. While exploring Baja, make sure to visit the La Jolla Excellence villas and condos in Rosarito. You’ll love the amenities, the proximity to the ocean, the wonderful sense of community, and the sheer elegance and luxury of these residences. Contact La Jolla Excellence to inquire about purchasing your very own luxury residence in this tropical paradise.

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