What You Need To Know About Living Near The Beach

For the vast majority of people who live inland, living near the beach is something that’s only done on vacation, or perhaps spending a week or two with a relative during summer. People who live near the beach all the time have a whole different understanding of what life is like, being situated on the shores of a great ocean, with the tides rolling in and the smell of the sea air wafting in every day to greet you. Here are some of the things about living on the beach that are only known by those people who live there every day.

What it’s like to live near the beach

People who live near the beach all year round have a certain smugness that comes from knowing they live in a place that most people just dream about, and where they wish they could be a lot more than they are. They also know that living near the beach isn’t just a summertime thing, because walking along a deserted beach in the winter time, is just as satisfying an activity as sitting in a lawn chair during the heat of summer. They also realize that just sitting in a lawn chair and watching the tides roll in is a totally valid way to spend an afternoon, whereas sitting in a chair somewhere else is a complete waste of time.

Living near the beach always means that you have a great view, whether it’s sunrise, sunset, or mid-afternoon sunshine – it’s always perfect. Beach dwellers also know that there’s no sound in the world quite so pleasing as the lapping of waves against the shoreline, and no smell which is quite so appealing as the salty sea air that comes wafting in on the breeze.

Beach people are torn about their feelings regarding tourists, in that they understand the tourists are necessary for the economy, but they wish the tourists weren’t so numerous and so intrusive on the daily lives of the full-time residents. Beach dwellers have seen so many tourists coming and going that they feel they can just look at them and categorize them, in terms of what their backgrounds are, and how they will act while on the beach.

When you live near the beach your whole life, you develop a healthy respect for the ocean, because you’ve seen it when it’s totally calm, and you’ve seen it when it is powerful and violent, and you understand that both are legitimate aspects of the ocean. Lastly, people who live near the beach always hope that they never lose their childlike awe for the ocean, and the simple activities associated with living adjacent to it.

The Enchanted Beach of Rosarito

Known locally as La Playa Encantada, the Enchanted Beach of Rosarito receives fresh sand every springtime, and it’s one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever see. The lifestyle of those who are fortunate enough to live near this jewel of a beach includes snorkeling, surfing, swimming, and lots of lazy afternoons squishing the sand between your toes. When you think about the idyllic beach situated on the shoreline of a magnificent ocean, this is the beach you have in your mind.

Interested in living on the beach full-time?

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live full-time on the beach, you should schedule your tour of the La Jolla Excellence villas and condos in Rosarito, Mexico today. Just one visit will be enough to convince you that you should be living at this oceanside locale, situated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, in a virtual paradise of community living.

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