If you’ve decided that you’re ready to purchase a new condo or villa to suit your preferred lifestyle, but you aren’t sure about the kind of floor plan which would best support that lifestyle, this article is for you. There are a few tips and techniques you can use to narrow down your choices, so that you end up with exactly the right floor plan to fit your needs and desires.

Consider space requirements

Condos are bigger than you might think, so don’t worry about having an undersized residence as your main dwelling place. You should think about your living partner if you have one, and how much space your partner will need. This should include the number of bedrooms you’ll need, as well as how often you’ll be entertaining, and how much space you might need for parties. Think about how functional each area of any condo you look at might be, and how you would personally use it. As an example, if you don’t typically eat many meals at a dining table, you wouldn’t need space for a dining room. Focus less on the size of a condo, and more on how available space can be used to suit your lifestyle.

Open spacing vs. closed spacing

If you prefer a more roomy, open layout, that’s the kind of floor plan you should be seeking, as opposed to one which has separators between all the rooms, and offers greater privacy between individual rooms. If open spacing is more in line with your philosophy, it will be easier to entertain guests in a larger, roomier area than it would be with closed-off rooms. However, if you don’t entertain guests very often and prefer that rooms are closed off, that would be the kind of floor plan which will be a better match for your lifestyle.

Matching your lifestyle to your floor plan

If the furniture you currently own is already a pretty good fit for the lifestyle you intend to live in your new condo, your biggest task will be to find ways to establish the right interior decor, using the furniture you bring with you. On the other hand, if the furnishings you’ve had for the past few years are not really in line with the lifestyle you project for your future, you may want to jettison many of those old trappings and replace them with an entirely new set of furnishings. For instance, a huge modular sofa may not be what you want to bring to your new condo, if you don’t envision yourself having many guests, or entertaining a number of people. On the other hand, if you plan to become more active in the community and socialize to a greater extent, you may want to populate your floor plan with furniture that can accommodate more guests.

A floor plan for every lifestyle

Whether you prefer a very active lifestyle or a quieter way of living, and whatever other kinds of activities you like to be involved with, the perfect floor plan awaits you at La Jolla Excellence in Rosarito. The luxury condos and villas at La Jolla Excellence will help you to achieve exactly the kind of lifestyle you’ve always wanted to live, and there are a number of diverse floor plans which can support that. Schedule a tour of these stunning condos and villas, and start thinking about living a life of luxury!

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