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Whether you are considering investing in a vacation home or in changing your permanent residence, La Jolla Excellence in Rosarito Baja California is the best luxury beachfront condo or villa option in Mexico. The overall cost of living is significantly cheaper in Mexico compared to the US, everything from property taxes to food and even medical care are much more affordable than in the US.

The idea that foreigners are not able to own property in Mexico is a myth. There are a variety of simple, safe, and perfectly legal ways to own beachfront real estate in Mexico without having Mexican citizenship.

Perhaps the most practical way to do so is through a trust. It operates in the same way as a family trust in the US. It is not only the safest but also the simplest way to own real estate on the coasts of Mexico. On the Baja California peninsula -for instance- 2 million US citizens and corporations have invested billions of dollars through “trusts” in real estate in the past decade. DECASA, developer of La Jolla Excellence, has been selling condominiums to US citizens in the Rosarito area for over 30 years using trusts.

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