People have a lot of different ideas about how to enjoy their retirements, which is not surprising, since everyone has a different attitude about what’s enjoyable to do, and what gives them pleasure or satisfaction. If you’re nearing retirement age, you may already have given some thought to how you want to spend those golden years, and get the most out of them. If you haven’t had the time to really give it any serious thought, here are some possibilities that might get you thinking, and maybe even making some tentative plans.

1. Travel to all the places you didn’t have time for

Remember all those travel ideas you had, but you could never seem to find the time to actually execute? If work was the main reason that you never quite got there, that will no longer be an obstacle when you retire. Maybe now you can book that train ride to Anchorage, Alaska, or the road trip to Yellowstone National Park. When you don’t have to be at the workplace Monday through Friday, for the biggest chunk of the day, you’ll find that you suddenly have time for a lot of things that were off-limits before.

2. Spend more time with family and friends

Your kids may have already grown up by now, but they will certainly be glad to see a little more of you, especially if they now have children of their own. Grandparents are built-in babysitters, so you’ll always be welcome, and it will give you a great excuse for just hanging around your own kids for a while. You probably have some friends who are ready to retire too, so maybe you can spend a little more time on the golf course, and it won’t be as busy on the course during weekday hours.

3. Try things you’ve never tried before

You’re opening a new chapter in your life at retirement – which means maybe it’s time to try some totally different activities that you’ve never considered before. Remember, you only live once, so don’t avoid doing something just because it’s a little scary or different than anything else you’ve ever done. Try some adventurous foods that you’ve never had, listen to some new music, have fun doing extreme activities like zip-lining, skydiving, or white water rafting.

4. Volunteer for causes you care deeply about

You still have a lot to offer, and when there’s a cause that really matters to you, why not invest some of your time and effort to show the world how much it matters to you? You’ll probably get a great deal of satisfaction in doing something that you truly believe in, and you’ll get a sense of accomplishment from knowing that your contribution made the world a litter better place in some way.

5. Read more

Many people make resolutions on New Year’s Eve to read more in the coming year, but the opportunities to read interesting-sounding books just never seem to present themselves. Now you have time to make that resolution stick. Read to expand your knowledge of the world, or just for the sheer pleasure of it – but take advantage of your new-found free time by absorbing the thoughts and observations of some of the great authors of the past and present.

6. Start a new hobby

You’re already making weekday tee times on the golf course with your friends, so maybe there’s a new hobby you might want to tackle. Perhaps hiking or speed-walking? How about running some of the road races which every city in America runs during the good weather months? Most of them are limited to 3-mile events, and with a little bit of training, you can manage those races easily – and you’ll be doing your body a big favor.

7. Do Nothing

Relax in your very own condo or villa, where you won’t have to worry about the upkeep of the place, but you can spend most of your available time enjoying the great community activities available, sipping a cocktail at poolside, or taking a walk along a beautiful sandy beach. This might sound like a dream or a fantasy, but such visions can definitely become reality, if you really want it badly enough. Find out where this can all happen in the concluding paragraph.

Wondering where to retire?

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