If you live in the San Diego area, or anywhere in nearby Arizona, and you’re either approaching retirement age or you’re already there, you should be entertaining thoughts about where you want to live those golden years of your life. Right at the very top of your list should be Rosarito, Mexico, a wonderful community just a few miles down the coast from San Diego, where many Americans have already discovered the many advantages it has to offer.

Why Rosarito?

First of all, in the big picture, moving to Mexico is not a drastic change of countries – it has the same executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government that the U.S. does, so you’d have some built-in familiarity. In terms of your safety there, you’ll have absolutely no worries, because Rosarito is a very stable, orderly place to live, far from the turmoil which might characterize some of the more notorious locations elsewhere. Another area of comfort will be with the language, since most Mexicans that close to the border are fluent in English.

However, Rosarito, Mexico is different from the U.S. in some very beneficial ways. For instance, if you have ever wished you could escape the oppressive heat in Arizona, you’ll love the sea breezes which maintain Rosarito at a much more tolerable temperature and comfort level. The financial aspect of moving to Mexico also makes it highly advantageous, since the real estate market is still trying to recover from the setbacks of 2008, and the American dollar is very strong against the peso. You’ll also find that moving costs won’t amount to much more than fuel and tolls, and there won’t be any border hassles for you to deal with.

Appeals for Retirees

Maintaining contact with U.S. family and friends will be extremely easy, since the coastal highway provides an excellent transportation route. Your family and friends will have no trouble visiting you, and vice versa, and for those who have ties to San Diego, it’s also extremely close. And once your acquaintances learn about what you’ve already discovered – that Rosarito is retirement heaven – you may even have some new neighbors to keep you company.

Rosarito is not just a sleepy Mexican village, although you can certainly enjoy some very peaceful days on the beach, watching the waves roll into shore, if you choose to. In addition to having its share of beautiful beaches, Rosarito also is far less crowded than typical resort towns are, and it has a great deal to offer in terms of appreciation for the arts, wonderful cuisine, and even some great shopping opportunities. Wine lovers will fall in love with this area, since nearby Valle de Guadalupe is literally the gateway to Baja California’s wine country, many of which rival those from the Napa and Sonoma Valleys in the north.

The amenities provided at the La Jolla Excellence development in Rosarito read like a catalog of retiree benefits: two private beachfront areas, 10 Jacuzzis, 4 clubhouses, 5 sports courts, boardwalk trails for walking and jogging, an indoor theater, a restaurant/bar, a barbecue area, a dog care clinic, and some superbly-maintained gardens. That’s not even a complete list of what you’ll encounter at the condos and villas of the community, but it should give you an idea of what a wonderful lifestyle you’ll enjoy there.

What is La Jolla Excellence?

La Jolla Excellence is a community situated in Rosarito which offers more than 250 condos and more than 100 villas for luxury-minded individuals to retire amid gorgeous coastal surroundings, in idyllic weather, and in a location which literally has everything a person could want. Excellence isn’t just part of the development’s name, it’s a sign of the fantastic quality you’ll find built into each one of these superbly constructed residences. Each residence has been crafted to pamper, and to provide the very best in affordable, luxurious living in this tropical paradise. Contact us to learn more today.

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