La Jolla Excellence cuenta con las mejores comodidades para aprovechar al máximo su experiencia comunitaria frente al mar

La Jolla Excellence is one of Rosarito Beach’s premier oceanfront communities. Complete with all the bells and whistles one can imagine from a first-class luxury resort the development with include:

  • – Access to private beach
  • – 10 Pools – 3 of them indoor/covered
  • – 10 Jacuzzis
  • – Saunas
  • – Steam rooms
  • – 3 multi-use clubhouses equipped with fully functional kitchens
  • – 2 ocean view gyms
  • – 5 Multiple sports courts
  • – Boardwalk and jogging trails
  • – Kid’s playground
  • – Restaurant-Bar
  • – Indoor cinema room

Located less than 1 mile from downtown Rosarito and 30 minutes from the United States-Mexico border.

“There are hospitals and clinics near La Jolla Excellence. Rosarito is very near from the United States and has a large population of Americans living in the area. Due to these factors, one can expect personalized service, expert attention and bilingual staff. Many specialty hospitals are found, such as medical laboratories, plastic surgery, and dental clinics. Pharmacies are plentiful and offer a wide variety of medications. As a result of the influx of foreigners to the area, investment in medical care has increased year after year. ”

La Jolla excellence Rosarito

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