Have you ever gotten the feeling that you’re stuck in the cycle of the visiting the same vacation destinations, either because the kids love them, or because you and your spouse had a great time there? There’s no question that it’s often worth returning to a locale that someone in your family particularly enjoyed to re-live those joyous moments, but there’s also something to be said for discovering someplace new and exciting – a place where wonderful new memories can be made.

Great Things to See and Do in Rosarito, Mexico

Such a place is Rosarito, Mexico, in the Baja California peninsula. There are so many reasons why Rosarito would be a fantastic place to travel with your family or with your loved one, that it will be hard to condense them into just 10 reasons – but we’ll try to do that anyway, for the sake of brevity and reader convenience.

The Enchanted Beach

La Playa Encantada, as it is known locally, is one of the most picturesque beaches anywhere along the long expanse of the Baja coastline, and it is truly a magical place to be during the springtime, when ocean waves return fresh sand to the coastal area, and a brand new beach is created annually. While there are numerous beautiful beaches up and down the Baja coastline, the Enchanted Beach is one which will stay in your memory for years after your visit.

Fantastic weather

Many people from north of the border streak south during the extreme heat of summer, especially from sweltering Arizona, to take advantage of the cooler temperatures along the coast, as ocean breezes keep the high temperatures at bay, and make it much more comfortable than elsewhere. You’ll enjoy lots of sunshine, but far more comfortably than if you were one hundred miles north and east.

Wine country

The Valle Guadalupe (Valley of Guadalupe) is renowned throughout the entire region for its high-quality wine production, which is comparable to that or Northern California’s Napa and Sonoma Valleys. But the great-tasting wine of Valle Guadalupe won’t cost you nearly as much as the name-brand offerings from Napa and Sonoma. Enjoy wine-tasting opportunities all year round, and especially during the annual Wine Festival in August, which attracts a great many wine lovers from the U.S. as well as Mexico.

Safe for everyone

You’ll never have to worry about your safety in Baja California, where all tourists can relax without worrying about some of the problems which plague other parts of Mexico, and the U.S. for that matter.

Enjoyable activities

Tours can be arranged for wine-tasting and for whale-watching, and you can also enjoy your own ocean experience with snorkeling, body-surfing, traditional surfing, or even some good old-fashioned fishing. There are golf courses in the area for sports enthusiasts, and when you just feel like taking a walk, the shore is always beautiful and inviting.

Ocean proximity

Rosarito is situated very close to the Pacific Ocean, which opens up a number of possibilities for recreation, sight-seeing, and just enjoying the splendor and magnificence of the dazzling Pacific Ocean. If you enjoy hiking, climb up Cerro El Colonel, the highest peak in Rosarito, which overlooks the ocean and surrounding cities for an awe-inspiring view.

Stone’s throw from San Diego

If you happen to live in San Diego, Rosarito can be reached very easily and quickly, driving straight down the coastal highway. And if you’re just visiting Rosarito, you might want to drive north and enjoy some of the attractions in San Diego.

Fine cuisine

Rosarito has more than 80 high-quality restaurants, serving up many different kinds of terrific cuisine, some for literally every taste imaginable. If traditional Mexican is your thing, you’ll love Tacos El Taqui, one of Rosarito’s best-kept cuisine secrets.

Artistic experience

You might want to start with the Rosarito Baja Art Gallery, but from there, you’ll also want to take in all the street art practitioners and galleries around the region. There are also private studios everywhere in this art-crazed region.

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