Baja California Condos for Sale

Baja California Condos for Sale

baja-california-condos-for-saleThe prices of Baja California condos for sale are going up in some areas and down in other areas, but one thing is for sure, Baja California condos are here to stay and gaining in popularity! For those looking to purchase a condo in Rosarito for either full-time living, or as a second home, La Jolla Excellence is a stone’s throw from San Diego, nestled 30 minutes south of the border.  View Available Properties

If you happen to live in San Diego, Rosarito can be reached very easily and quickly, driving straight down the coastal highway. And if you’re just visiting Rosarito, you might want to drive north and enjoy some of the attractions in San Diego.

As a Baja California real estate investment destination, La Jolla Excellence in Baja California is an excellent option for both the professional investor looking to grow his equity or cash flow and for the investor/user looking to buy and enjoy an oceanfront or oceanview property.

Located less than 1 mile from downtown Rosarito and 30 minutes from US-Mexico border, La Jolla Excellence provides amazing amenities, including:  

  • Access to two private sand beaches
  • Villas have two car garage with electric door
  • Condo towers have underground parking
  • Every villa and condo features ocean view
  • Multiple pools and Jacuzzis, including 2 indoor pools and 2 indoor jacuzzis
  • Jogging path
  • Several gyms throughout the property
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Snack bar and grilling area
  • 3 clubhouses
  • 1 movie theatre
  • First aid clinic and pet clinic
  • Access to main toll road in less than 2 minutes
  • Beautiful lawns
  • Sports courts for tennis, basketball
  • 24 hour security

Over the years, ownership policies of Baja real estate have evolved. Mexico now embraces foreign investors and second-home owners who want to acquire Mexican real estate. However , those who set out to purchase real estate in Baja are confronted with many different types of land that can be purchased , and not all have the same value.  The staff at La Jolla Excellence can help you navigate the real estate purchasing process and show you our Baja California condos for sale.  

If you are interested in one of our condos or villas, please contact us and we will get back to you promptly to answer any questions! We look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions!

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