Because of its location next to the US border, low costs and availability, medical tourism in Rosarito has grown greatly and attracts American and foreign citizens throughout the year. Medical tourism in Baja California will keep increasing as more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of receiving their medical treatments in Baja California. According to the Baja California Secretary of Tourism, in 2018 Baja California received 1.3 million tourists in search of medical attention.

Rosarito has a great variety of medical facilities. Close to La Jolla Excellence you will find plenty of hospitals and doctors such as dentists, plastic surgeons and optometrists, which are highly skilled professionals and many of them have even resided in the US and therefore also speak English. Their good performance and work have contributed to raising the level of medical tourism in Baja California.

So, retirees who want to invest in a luxury condo in Rosarito can rest assured that high quality medical attention is close by. Not to mention that as with the living costs, this kind of assistance is much more affordable than in the US.

All of these amenities both inside and outside of La Jolla Excellence make this a terrific place to live

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