There’s a lot to be said about living in Mexico, especially on the Pacific shore, where the sunsets are gorgeous and the views of Earth’s largest ocean can be downright spectacular. There’s a lot more than nice scenery to be enjoyed though, and most people who have already relocated to the coastal part of Mexico have been very pleased with their new lifestyles. Here are some of the tremendous advantages of living in coastal Mexico, which you might not be aware of.

1. Incredible Weather

One of the things most people love about Baja California, due south from San Diego, are the wonderful year-round temperatures and abundant sunshine. While the temperature does approach 90° and above during July August and September, it can be a much more refreshing 70 to 80° during the beginning and ending months of the year. That means almost every day of the year has a potential of being a perfect day in paradise, and a day that you could schedule any kind of outdoor activity which interests you.

2. Amazing Beaches

Although there are a number of destinations in Mexico where you can enjoy some fantastic beaches, the city of Rosarito is home to some of the very finest, and they can be great places to just kick back and enjoy the sunshine. There’s a more relaxed vibe on the beaches of Rosarito as compared to some of the more heavily populated areas which host throngs of party-goers. Many people are finally discovering the beauty and peacefulness of some of Rosarito’s premier beaches like Playas de Rosarito, Bahia Chileno, and Playa Santa Maria, and they await your discovery as well.

3. Relaxing Lifestyle

The Rosarito area is a favorite place for retirees to visit, and once they do, they fall in love with the lifestyle of the area, and decide that it’s the perfect place to settle down. Of course, it isn’t just retirees who are attracted by the laid-back lifestyle of the area, and all the terrific things there are to do nearby. Some people have found it advantageous to maintain a second home in Rosarito, Mexico, just so they can enjoy some getaway time away from stressful living. The La Jolla excellence villas and condos provide the perfect setting for luxurious and laid-back living in this tropical paradise.

4. Fun, action Lifestyle

For those more interested in an active lifestyle, the Rosarito area has plenty of activities to offer. Being situated right near the ocean, there are hundreds of possibilities for water sports such as surfing, kayaking, boating, fishing, and snorkeling, with services provided by many local outfitters. Hikers and campers also love the area, with a great many trails available in the nearby inland area such as at Cerro El Colonel, where the natural beauty of the Southwest can be admired while also getting some terrific exercise.

5. Culture

Culture is not lacking in the area either, and between museums, art galleries, and film companies like Baja Studios, the area has much to offer. Baja Studios is home to some of the largest water tanks ever used in filmmaking, and was a prime location for the filming of ‘Titanic’ and ‘Pearl Harbor’. There is a thriving art community in Rosarito, and in many cases, you can be invited to sit alongside an artist while they are in the act of creation. The State Art Center of Baja California is also nearby, and a visit to the Baja California Culture Institute will be well worth your time as well.

Where’s the best place to enjoy all these amenities?

The beautiful little city of Rosarito, less than an hour from San Diego, is the local for spectacular luxury villas and condos of the La Jolla Excellence development. Built right on the Pacific shoreline, you’ll have ready access to the ocean, you’ll be at the gateway to the famous Valle de Guadalupe wine region, and you’ll still be very close to the U.S. border for visiting friends and relatives. Contact La Jolla Excellence today, so you can schedule a tour, and be amazed at how good living in Mexico can be.

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